Thinking of a career in IT? 76,263 new ICT jobs in Ontario by 2019: ICTC

computer roomThe time seems to be just right! According to the Labour Market Outlook 2015-2019 study prepared by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICT) researchers, Ontario will be the province with the most in ICT positions to be filled in Canada in the period 2015-2019. A total of 76,263 hiring requirements are forecasted, approximately 70% of which in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Are these technicians, programmers, i.e., nuts-and-bolts positions? According to the study, a remarkable 35,510 (close to half) of these are information systems analysts and consultants, second and third being computer and network operators and web technicians as well as computer programmers and interactive media developers with approximately 10,000 expected positions each. Read the full study here.

Moral: Information Technology continues to be in demand for talented IT professionals, but even more so those who can play systems analysis, consulting and managerial roles. These are persons with not only good understanding of technologies but also competence in comprehending and dealing with complex organizational and social environments.