Prof. Marin Litoiu is awarded $272,000 by NSERC for research in micro-service platforms.

Prof. Marin Litoiu was awarded $272,000 by NSERC to investigate multi goal self-adaptation for micro-service platforms. Micro-services are small units of program that also constitute units of deployment in virtual machines and fundamental building blocks for larger and more complex computational services. Focusing on emerging applications that rely on Big Data technologies, such as Analytics, […]

ISACA recognizes Information Technology Auditing and Assurance program

A fundamental requirement for effective auditing is to provide an opinion to the executive team and the board audit committee on the adequacy of the internal control framework operating within the organisation's information technology and telecommunications (IT&T) environment. This requirement, while ongoing, may have specific meaning at some point, e.g., financial year-end when management is […]

IT skills crisis looms ::: Metro

Tech skills crisis looms (Metro, Thursday, Jan.19, 2006, page 12) Students look to other fields amid perceived slump. The Canadian high-tech sector may be in full recovery but a serious skills crisis looms unless more students, parents and high-school guidance counsellors shed the perception that information technology jobs are in short supply, two industry groups […]

North American IT Jobs ::: Information Week

Here are some interesting IT employment numbers for North America (from "Information Week", July 18, 2005) In the Summer 2005 the total number of IT professionals reached 3.43 million which only slightly less than the 3.55 million of Summer 2001. Between 2001 and 2005 the IT industry suffered a big slump and then a slow […]