Prof. Marin Litoiu is awarded $272,000 by NSERC for research in micro-service platforms.

marin litoiu

Litoiu: Cloud is a force of creative disruption for IT pros

Prof. Marin Litoiu was awarded $272,000 by NSERC to investigate multi goal self-adaptation for micro-service platforms. Micro-services are small units of program that also constitute units of deployment in virtual machines and fundamental building blocks for larger and more complex computational services. Focusing on emerging applications that rely on Big Data technologies, such as Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Prof. Litoiu and his collaborators will study efficient models for micro-service deployment on hybrid cloud infrastructures, that is, clouds that utilize both public and private infrastructures.

Prof. Litoiu's project is also supported by IBM with $136,000 cash and $393,000 in-kind contributions, within an NSERC Collaborative Research and Development framework

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