About ITEC @ York

The School

The School of ITEC focuses on offering to students the tools to become versatile business- and socially-aware IT professionals. Situated amid some of the most important Liberal Arts and Business/Commerce schools in the country, the School of ITEC aims at providing robust information systems and technologies education while cultivating awareness on how such technologies apply to organizations and business. Our programs are specially designed to emphasize on the analysis, design, development, management and utilization of complex information systems, allowing also students to choose the level to which they want to combine this expertise with pure business education.  Read more about our programs.

The Faculty

The School of ITEC at York University is home to faculty with a strong international reputation in their field. Faculty members in ITEC lead successful research programs in such areas as Business Analysis, Data Management, Data Analytics, Information Systems Architecture, Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing, Decision Support, and Environmental Informatics. The school is a destination of substantial industrial and governmental research funding and attracts top caliber graduate students and researchers. Explore more our faculty profiles and research.


As soon as they complete the 3rd year of their studies, honors students who meet the academic requirements are eligible to join the Technology Internship Program (TIP). Students are employed by major organizations within the Greater Toronto Area, such as IT Companies, Banks, Utility Companies, Ministries  and Municipalities, where they have the opportunity to advance their professional skills, make connections, and see how theory applies in practice. Duration can range anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Many students choose to try different companies and roles to get a sense of what type of career and workplace suites their interests more. It is common for internship students to be become full time employees of the same company. Learn more about TIP.

ITEC and Other Computing Disciplines

ITEC is substantially distinct from Computer Sciences in character and goals. Science and Engineering degrees naturally put substantial weight into studying the principles and theories behind modern technologies. In ITEC, however, we ask: how do we apply the technologies to solve organizational problems? A distinct range of skills need to be cultivated to address this question: knowing how to analyze problems, being able to devise, communicate, negotiate and co-ordinate solutions, knowing how to manage complex technology acquisition endeavors or being capable of understanding and integrating diverse technologies are only some of those skills. IT professionals with such skills are and will continue to be very much in demand for the following years. With these demanded skills in mind, our programs are designed to build balanced, versatile, business-aware IT professionals. Find out about our programs.