FAQs: Change of Degree Name from BAS to BCom


The name of our Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS) degree is changing to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). It is a change in name only, and in no way impacts any of the rigorous requirements of the existing program, nor its excellence, and will only increase respect for the designation.

Why is the BAS changing to a BCom?

We are exceptionally proud of the successes of our students and alumni and our business program is extremely well respected in industry. However, the degree name has not had universal recognition as a business degree, and could lead to confusion, particularly when automated candidate screening searches for keywords on a resume and the BAS is not recognized as equivalent or superior to other commonly known degree names. We want to ensure our grads enter the field from a position of strength and confidence and the name change will help accomplish that.

The impetus to update the name has been building for years, but the final momentum was created by students and alumni, in the form of 3,000+ signatures on a petition to rename the program as the Bachelor of Commerce. It has the full support of all levels at York University and is welcomed by alumni and employers since it adds clarity.

Over time, the meaning of commonly used words can change. Our program is top-notch, and our grads deserve to be known to be at the highest level. Using a well-known degree name will help immediately secure that understanding.

What does the BAS to BCom change mean?

It is a change in name only. The same number and groupings of credits, courses, and GPA requirements remain the same. The Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS) degree merely changes its title to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). Students and alumni do not need to do anything whatsoever.

Who does this apply to?

New Students
All students who will graduate on or after February 2018 will receive a Bachelor of Commerce degree (BCom) from the School of Administrative Studies.

Current Students
Any Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS) student who graduates before February 2018 and who wishes to have their degree name changed from to the BCom can do so after October 2017. BAS students enrolling for courses in the Fall 2017 will see that their program ID in the student information system is changed to BCom.

BAS Graduates
Any of our alumni who graduated with a BAS can get the degree changed to a BCom after October 2017.

BA ADMS Graduates
Alumni who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Studies (BA ADMS) are not eligible for this change. No Bachelor of Arts program qualifies for the degree name change.

When does the BAS to BCom change occur?

Students entering the program from fall 2017 onwards will be in the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program. The first students to graduate with the new designation will do so in February 2018.

If you are going to graduate before October 2017, you will get a BAS degree with a notation that indicates that the degree is changing its name.

What will the change cost?

Current Students
There is no cost to change your degree name if you have not yet graduated.

A fee will be charged to reclassify the BAS degree to a BCom. The fee will cover the cost of adjusting the student record, adding a notation to the transcript and producing a new diploma. Delivery costs may also apply to ship a new diploma. The Office of the University Registrar will publish further details on how to request a reclassification closer to the start date of October 2017.  This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Contact us with questions

Please email bcom@yorku.ca with any questions you have and we will respond as quickly as possible. We will also use the questions to expand our FAQ section, but your privacy is assured in all contact with us.