Our Programs


The School of ITEC offers 3 separate honours programs.

The Specialized BA Honours program focuses on robustness. It guarantees that its graduates have taken most ITEC courses and have reached the highest technical focus that ITEC can offer. The (non-specialized) BA Honours program, on the other hand, offers flexibility. Students of that program must take a core of ITEC courses, but combine them with a wider selection of electives. For students more drawn towards business, our third honours program, Specialized Honours BCom-ITEC, is a combination of technical and information systems education offered by the School of ITEC and business courses offered by the School of Administrative Studies.

In addition to the Honors programs, Students can exploit the rich and diverse education environment of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and join the School of ITEC in various major/minor configurations. Examples of strategic major/minor configurations are with Marketing and Communications Programs, Economics and Finance, Public Policy, Political and Social sciences. Students however are encouraged to pursue their diverse interests and passions when choosing their combinations.

The school also offers an Ordinary 3-year Degree, which can be used as an entry point to our Honours programs. We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of dedicating one more year of studies and acquire an Honours degree, not least being the ability to participate in the Technology Internship Program (TIP) and get a head start in your IT Career.


At the graduate level, the School of ITEC offers the Masters of Arts of Information Systems and Technologies (MAIST). The program aims at offering maximum flexibility for students to decide the mix of technical and non-technical IS education fits their needs, catering for research-minded recent graduates interested in exploring aspects and phenomena of information systems in depth through, e.g., a thesis project, as much as seasoned professionals interested to inform their practice with the latest research through studying part-time. More information about MAIST can be found here.