Why Information Technology

Why Study Information Technology?

Modern organizations rely on highly complex information systems to deliver products and services. Designing, developing and managing such systems are tasks that require both solid knowledge of key information technologies and a deep understanding of people, organizations and businesses.

The IT industry is in great demand for professionals who possess this skill combination. According to a 2014 study by Statistics Canada, in Canada only, the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector amounts to $169.8 Billion in revenues per year, employing more than half a million people predominantly in the Software and Computer Service sector. Employment in ICT grows twice as fast as the overall economy. According to another study by the Information and Communication Technologies Council (ICTC), 182,000 new IT professionals will be needed in Canada by 2019, with roles such as information systems analysts and consultants and computer and information systems managers being the most in-demand: in Ontario alone, more than 40,000 such positions will need to be filled by 2019, which is more than half of all other ICT position types.

And they seem to pay well! The average salary in ICT is 47% than the economy-wide average, Software and Computer Service sector being the best paid, according to the Statistics Canada report. Indeed, according to Glassdoor, roles such as Software Development Manager, IT Manager and Solution Architect are amongst the top 10 highest paying jobs in demand in America (together with, e.g. , Physicians and Lawyers). For the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems managers are also among the 20 highest paying occupations. These are people who "plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities in an organization".

In the School of ITEC, we focus on knowledge and skills that fit exactly these requirements. Solid application and web programming courses are combined with courses such as Systems Analysis, Project Management, Business Intelligence and Business Process Management Systems aiming at educating versatile IT Professionals. Learn more about our programs.