Our Alumni

Our graduates lead successful careers in a wide variety of roles. Many work in management and administration as Business Analysts, IT Managers, IT Consultants, Project Managers and Coordinators. Other grads follow strongly technical careers involving web, mobile and social media application development, enterprise software implementation, technical consulting and high-tech entrepreneurship.

Alumni Job Descriptions
Our alumni are employed by major Canadian and multi-national companies, including major Canadian banks, IT industry leaders, government, consulting firms, utilities and telecom providers.

No matter where their passion takes them, our graduates possess a rich set of technical, organizational and business skills and abilities that allows them to thrive in any role.


Aadil Maan

Aadil Maan (2010, BCom ITEC Specialized Honours, Business System Analysis stream)
In his own words...

Photo of 2010 BCom IT grad Aadil Maan | 2018-07-23

BCom IT grad Aadil Maan

My experience at York was true to its moto,Tentanda Via: The Way Must Be Tried. I strived for an experience both academic and social, outside the bounds of my academic curriculum which allowed me the opportunity to leave the halls of this institution ready to find my own way in the world.

My most memorable moment was the first week of my undergraduate degree. To see the vast and abundant student groups and organizations displayed throughout YorkU campus welcoming new students made me feel as if I had arrived at a true bastion of diversity not just of academics but of thought and ideals. That scene of the sprawling student group booths like many single communities coming together to paint a mosaic of diversity were a perfect reflection of the diaspora that inhabits the city of Toronto.

The interdisciplinary curriculum exposed a fresh mind, such as mine, not just to the vigor of computers but to logic, humanities, and reasoning: that is, perhaps, what was the best part about my program. The humanities courses were a welcomed respite from the 1’s and 0’s of the technological world. Another thing that stands out for me and something I owe my entire career trajectory to was the Technology Internship Program with LA&PS. It showed me that even though I may not have a Comp Sci or Eng degree, I can work in Software Engineering and do amazing things.

My life after graduation....

After graduating in August 2010, I spent one and a half years at BlackBerry as an Operating Systems Project Specialist working on Silicon Prototypes. In Feb 2012, I had the privilege of joining Apple Inc in Cupertino, California as an iOS Engineering Project Manager within the Software Engineering Program Office. Over the next 5 and half years, I was Lead Project Manager for some of Apple’s most crucial features like iCloud Keychain support for 3rd party apps, Two Factor Authentication, Apple Pay on the Web, and Apple Pencil integration with iPad Pro in iOS 11. Just recently, in Dec 2017, I left Apple, arguable my best career years, to join Google as a Program Manager in the Android Things team where we are working on revolutionizing the IoT world.

My degree taught me the ins and outs of Systems Engineering and Design. It gave me the capabilities to approach technical challenges with a very holistic approach and find opportunities and weaknesses to fix or improve so the engineering teams are functioning at full throttle.

My advice for students....

Fret not for what the future might or might not hold. Be bold, take risks, and enjoy these years but keep an eye on the future for traveling a path with a goal is not always ideal. I did a 16-month internship as a Project Coordinator with BlackBerry. It was the biggest risk and something my parents couldn't comprehend that I am leaving university to go do this. That internship landed me my first full-time job with BlackBerry and I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to Project Management in Software Engineering. Expose yourself to the humanities. Learn the art of critical reasoning and logic. As a Project Manager, most of the work you do is troubleshooting at various scales of complexity. These non-technical skills will set you apart from your peers for you can breakdown things into smaller bits and put the puzzle back together correctly.

Shamez Sunderji

Shamez Sunderji Company: Deloitte Consulting Limited
Position: Business Analyst
Shamez graduated with Honors degree in Information Technology (Communication Studies stream) in October 2009. During his final year he topped all his classes with ''A'' and ''A+.'' He graduated with Cum Laude. He worked with CIBC as part of York's Technology Internship Program (TIP) for 2 terms as a Test Analyst and Business Analyst. Upon graduation Shamez landed an opportunity with Deloitte Consulting Limited in Tanzania.

He is currently a Business Analyst under the Technology Advisory Services (TAS) team. He works with professionals across Deloitte East Africa to deliver both advisory and implementation services that provide clients with comprehensive solutions to help them better manage and make best use of information technology.

Along with his team, Shamez recently designed a Grants Management System (based on Microsoft Dynamics) that facilitates and manages the grants management process and keeps a real-time account on the funds USAID provides Tanzania for HIV/AIDS implementation projects. The balance among technical, business and soft skills that he attained at York University is helping him climb the ladder and shine at Deloitte Tanzania.

Gobie Mahalingam

Gobie MahalingamCompany: Marksmen Inc.
Manager of Information Technology
Gobie graduated with an Honors degree in Information Technology (Management stream) in 2008 and during his final year he achieved an average of "A" in all his fourth year ITEC courses. He now manages the information technology for Marksmen Inc., a U.S. based firm that investigates, patrols and negotiates intellectual property rights worldwide.

Guo Jun Wang (Glocer)

Guo Jun Wang (Glocer)Company: Millennium Research Group (MRG)
Position: IT analyst
Glocer graduated BAS (Honours) ITEC in June 2006, but he was already hired by MRG early in 2006. He works on numerous projects for MRG (such as market surveys) involving the use of a  variety of software tools to create and maintain database driven websites. For details visit, then select "profile".

Michael Scott Orr

Michael Scott OrrCompany: University of Toronto
PhD student
Michael Orr (Scott) completed his BA (Hons) in ITEC in 2003 and is now pursuing a PhD degree in eHealth Innovation and Management at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Health Policy Management and Evaluation. He holds a Masters in Information Studies (Information Systems stream) and a collaborative Knowledge Media Design Institute designation from the University of Toronto, where he focused on human centered design of medical applications and has published a number of papers and presentations of his work. During his graduate work he received the Bell University Labs Scholarship and a Fellowship for Academic excellence.

Jason Dong

Jason DongCompany: Bank of Montreal
Position: Intranet Designer
Jason graduated in 2006 with a BA ITEC (Hon). He was hired before his graduation in BMO's Technology & Solutions Group as an intranet designer. His duties included requirements elicitation & analysis, user interface design, prototyping with key stakeholders, and content migration management. In the fall of 2006 Jason will begin studies in the Master of Electronic Commerce program at Dalhousie University.

Peter Papadakos

Peter PapadakosCompany: Cardiac Care Network of Ontario
Position: IT Manager
Peter supports the Director of Information and Information Technology through business case development, I.T. project management, and the coordination of I.T. staff. Additionally, he is leading knowledge management, staff training, and software development. Peter chairs and participates on a number of committees while staying informed of new developments in the I.T. field and developing strategic alliances.Cardiac Care Network of Ontario is North America's largest population-based cardiac registry and integrated wait time monitoring and management system. CCN is in the process of implementing state-of-the-art I.T. infrastructure to better help 85,000 cardiac patients per year achieve timely access to quality care.

Flaviu Purcarin

Flaviu PurcarinCompany: IBM/Lenovo Canada
Position: US Inbound Sales Specialist
Flaviu will graduate from the BAS Honours in ITEC program in December 2006. He has been working at Lenovo Canada since April 2006 as an US inbound sales specialist. His duties include working with various clientele, ranging from individuals to large enterprises for the configuration, management and support of various software and computer systems. His job requires both technical and business skills, which is why the York U BAS ITEC program was a really great choice.